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    • 16 Oct 2023
    • 20 Oct 2023
    • University of Wisconsin Fluno Center

    The Borkenstein Drug Course covers topics related to the pharmacology of drugs and their effects on psychomotor performance and driving. This program has been growing in popularity since it was first offered in 2002, and has drawn attendees from all over the U.S. and other countries. This is the most advanced course available anywhere for toxicologists and law enforcement professionals in this topic of growing concern.


    • The course is taught by internationally acknowledged experts who will discuss the pharmacology, toxicology and human performance effects of major drug classes associated with driving impairment.
    • The range of topics has been expanded to include implementation of laws and strategies for investigating, identifying, and documenting drug impaired driving.
    • The curriculum is updated each year to include emerging issues and recent developments in the science of forensic alcohol toxicology.

    Drug impaired driving is now being recognized as a major public safety issue worldwide. Drug use among fatally injured drivers in the US is estimated to be around 40-50%, and combined drug and alcohol use is the often overlooked part of the iceberg, as alcohol positive cases are infrequently assessed for drug use.

    There are major developments taking place around the world to document and combat drug impaired driving. The program is designed to supplement the training offered by other groups such as SOFT and AAFS, with ideas and strategies for enforcement, and for documenting and trying drug impaired driving cases. The Course is structured to meet the needs of:

    • Analytical toxicologists performing testing for DUID investigations.
    • Toxicologists testifying in court on drug and alcohol impaired driving.
    • Public safety specialists involved in developing policies and statutes to respond to drug impaired driving.

    The course is taught using the successful Borkenstein Alcohol Course classroom format that provides excellent opportunities for networking, student/student and student/faculty interaction during the breaks and after-hour’s social functions, and more individual attention to student questions.

    For more information, click here.

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    • 03 Dec 2023
    • 08 Dec 2023
    • Indiana Memorial Union Biddle Hotel 900 E 7th Street Bloomington, IN 47405

    Alcohol and Highway Safety Course Description


    The Indiana University Alcohol Borkenstein Course is typically a one-week expert-level program of on-campus instruction and interaction, on medico-legal alcohol topics.

    The primary emphasis of the program is on alcohol chemistry pharmacology and physiology in relation to traffic safety, covering basic alcohol chemistry and physiology, principles of measurement of alcohol in blood and breath, and presentation of alcohol information in the courtroom. The program is presented twice annually (May and December) on the Indiana University main campus in Bloomington, IN as an activity of the Robert F. Borkenstein Center for Studies of Law in Action in the IU Department of Criminal Justice.

    The Course currently consists of 18 elements presented by ten visiting faculty members and the Course Manager over six days. Faculty presentations and other Course elements include lectures, question and answer, panel discussion with faculty-registrants, and tutorial sessions led by individual faculty members. The program also includes an initial Course orientation, welcoming faculty/student dinner, and a wine and cheese reception courtesy of the Criminal Justice Department. The program also features daily review sessions, and a final program exam/review.

    This course, which was originated by Robert F. Borkenstein in the 1950’s, was primarily intended for professionals who administer or perform blood or breath tests to determine blood alcohol content. Enrollment in the course is limited to those technical and scientific personnel who manufacture, operate or maintain instruments, perform tests or manage blood or breath alcohol programs, or who provide expert testimony in alcohol litigation or hearings.

    Neither the Center nor the course receives financial support from Indiana University. Both are entirely funded by the revenues generated from course enrollments. Please contact the Center administrator for questions about additional courses for other groups outside our current enrollment.

    Online Reservations: CODE: BORKMAY23
    Phone reservations: (812) 855-2536 or (800)209-8145
    Room rates: The group room rates vary between $99-$129 + tax,  depending on room type. Tax is currently 12%.
    Reservation cut-off date: April 12, 2023
    Wireless Internet: free
    Parking: Parking is charged to the room at a rate of $6 per day.

    Online Reservations: CODE: BORKDEC23
    Phone reservations: (812) 855-2536 or (800)209-8145
    Room rates: The group room rates vary between $99-$129 + tax, depending on room type. Tax is currently 12%.
    Reservation cut-off date: November 1, 2023
    Wireless Internet: free
    Parking: Parking is charged to the room at a rate of $6 per day
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